Fly Kugin


Charity Concert Series in SL

Next Event: In February, 2021

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White Mask project was started in January 2020 as a vehicle for Fly Kugin to make a contribution to her fellow man.  Fly feels a great burden for children, animals, those less fortunate and in need. She decided to use her talent as a professional violinist to provide a realistic concert type atmosphere to listeners in Second Life under the White Mask name and is dedicated to raising funds for various charities.

Kat Vargas

Co - Founder of White Mask

Fly Kugin's Note;


"The White Mask is a dream that I have had for a long time. Since I had started to play live in SL, I was looking for something to to touch people's heart and use it for goodness. The White Mask is my musical and humanity refuge.

I appreciate to all who contribute this goodness."


Everglow is home - sim for White Mask in Second Life. It brings such a beauty of letting people to attend live music concerts for various charities by White Mask and gives them inspiration.


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