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"Lisa is the synonym of sweetheart and humble. Lisa allows you to hear all the nuances of music with her unusual and unique voice. By using the sounds skillfully, she doesn't just sing, while listening to her, on the other hand, you want time to stop and never flow. Making music with Lisa is a great privilege and a unique experience."

"Max accompanies and sings as if he hears you. You feel very clear about the bridges he uses to connect the melodies and the nuances he plays. He tells you when to run and when to stop with music, without speaking... You want it never to end. All high and low notes are meaningful with his voice. A unique flair that feels music deep."

Zachh is always humble. He holds you and manages to attract you to the most crucial points of music. With his rhythm, his musicality, you feel safe in the music. He gives confidence as if he is hearing you or feeling what you are playing in dual stream. You never stumble while flying with him.

Tally has an undefinable musicality and soul. He lives each sound deep inside while performing his music. When you play together with him, his music and voice pull you into a big ocean where you can swim with so many harmonies. Making music with him is something else. The quality of music and quality character mean Tally Mercury.

Icecremn Merlin is a sweetheart brother in Second Life and every lives. With his humble and gentle personality, he makes your heart warm and the music he plays takes you far away from the world. You always feel how his music is very deep inside him. Music is an extraordinary experience in dual stream.

Winter is a cool musician of Second Life Live Music. It is always an extraordinary experience to play with Winter. His energic mood takes you high and you keep flying not landing again. His fun, funny and gentle character makes the performance more joinable. He plays with the sounds from low pitches to high pitches professionally with his voice. 


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