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Real Life:
Fly is a musician who has been playing the violin professionally in RL since 2007. She started to play violin in 1998. Her student life has passed with many concerts and stage experiences. In middle school ages, she acted as a child actor in state theaters. She took part in concerts in different cities in Turkey and also composed and played music for theater plays.
Although being on stage was her greatest passion. After graduating from the department of music education, she started to teach at private courses and play as a violinist in many venues. For a short time she took private lessons with the money she earned teaching and playing from the teachers of the conservatory and some local virtuosos.
She took place in jazz and rock bands performing . She had chance to travel to USA with the support of her relatives to visit them. She attended many open mic. stages in Seattle, experienced and performed American Rock, Jazz and Blues music on stage with local musicians at jams in Redmond, Kirkland, Downtown Seattle and Portland.


Now, she teaches music theory and violin at a private school in Istanbul. After the pandamic began, she stopped playing with her local band and spent more time for her Second Life performances. 




* Graduated Fine Arts High School, Violin             

* Bachelor Degree, D. University, Violin           

* Music Theory and Violin teacher,           

* Master-Classes with Connoisseur Violinists           

* 14 years performing and teaching experience.

Second Life: 
Fly Kugin, as a professional violin performer, is streaming into Second Life since September 2019. She has been playing solo performance at several venues and also for charity events. Performing improvisation, Musicals & Soundtracks, Jazz & Rock genres and classicals f
rom different time periods from various artists, as well as some of her originals. 


She likes to build harmonies together with some other SL Musicians on dual stream, too.


"The thing we call as talent is a part of our brain. All of us have it and it is shaped in different ways in each of us. If you focus on something for a long time and train your talent for what you care, then you would be talented to do it. Best talent comes with much practice and only the ones who drive themselves crazy with which they are focused can have it correctly. It takes a long journey to be a quality musician in life time. The point is asking this question: Which do I know about music to be good enough?


I have a perspective in music. It is the best thing that I do in my life for over 20 years. For good music, I prefer to make music with those who know what the musicality or the things that require musicality are, or those who even can not name it but show it in their music. It's all about having fun. If we have fun together at the same time, then audience enjoy too. |At the same time.| is very important point for me on dual stream.


As I usually say, everybody can make music and also I am honored to play with all amateur performers who have the inspiration of music inside. - Art is for humans. -  So music is for all of us. Let's use it in a good way."

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